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My name is Meagan Marie Sharkey, I am a 23-year-old- artist from Laredo Texas, so passionate about furthering my career as an artist. I am currently continuing my education at Texas A&M International University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts with a major in English with grades 7-12 certification. I paint using various mediums and use my emotions as inspiration. My artistic journey began as an emotional outlet for me. I had lost the most important person in my life, my grandmother. Her memory was the most beautiful thing I kept tucked away in my heart, yet it felt so heavy. I was so consumed by grief and anxiety which drove me to paint my negative emotions and transform them towards something positive.  I did not have any painting experience, yet the infatuation I have with the beauty of nature guided me. My grandmother always taught me how beautiful nature was especially in heaven. I wanted to share that beauty with others so that my grandmother’s memory could be shared with others.   I believe that people unintentionally search for a meaning in everything they see or do. Each painting that I create holds a meaning.  When people see my painting, I want them to see that in every dark moment there is a light of strength and positivity that we carry within ourselves.  The passion I have for artistic expression allows me to hold my grandmother’s heart in a paint brush! My art has not only taught me how to deal with grief and sorrow, but it has allowed me to feel my grandmother’s heart with every stroke of paint that touches a canvas! Pain and grief are inevitable, but it is what we do with that pain that defines our purpose!

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