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Megan is a UK artist based in Nottingham, who creates abstract artwork focusing on color and texture using Acrylic paints on Canvas.

After gaining a BAHons degree from Nottingham Trent University in Fashion and Textiles Megan never lost her keen interest in Fine Art and always had a strong affiliation to creativity. Megan actively connects the two disciplines of Fashion Design and Fine Art, utilizing her experience of working at Luxury Fashion Brands and traveling Europe. Within her studies, she links fabric texture with her love of color thus fusing her two passions together.

Megan has been influenced by Fashion Designers and Fine Artists who use texture and color to draw the viewer to the work, Jackson Pollock, Anni Albers ‘who considered Coco Chanel a great artist’, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith ‘cited Annie Albers as a great influence with a wonderful eye for color’ and Alexander McQueen.

Megan has had her work featured at several art fairs and sold numerous commissions to private and corporate clients.

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