Ar is my life in every way!

I’m 34 years old Hungarian women, living in Budapest, currently studying hindu theology at Collage. I painting over 30years now. I was ready to sell my paintings when I was 4! I also sculpting and making miniatures. I’m a self-tought artist, but I took several artistic quick-courses, especially because of different techniques. I won many competitions during these years in my country. I always working by inspirations from inside in the transcendental state, so all of my artworks are unique pieces for unique people. I don’t like the prints, etc… I want to share my inner feelings with those people who can understand my arts. I like to working with vibrant colors, but at the same time I like the pale and the rusty paints. Just as it comes from inside! I used to working as a visual consultant for 6 years.

2020 september-october: Follow the Flow (Hungary)

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