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My name is Mélissa FOLLET.

I am a french artist in graphic arts.

I was born 20th April 1998 in Grande-Synthe (59, France). Currently, I live in Rennes (34, France) where I will study in fine arts.

In fact, after my baccalaureate in literature, speciality in fine arts I finally decided to exploit my second passion : the sport. So I took a degree in Sports Sciences, to become a personal trainer during 3 years.

Despite this choice of studies, the love for the creation and especially for the drawing did never stop enliven me…

By depicting the nude, the body, I seek to capture a moment, a pure and honest one, without filter. I dare to show what we try to hide. We all have a body, why not showing it ? Everyone has sex at some point, it is human nature, why hiding it? Everyone already felt, or will felt this feeling, this climax, why hiding it? Some will find this series "Corps sages" (or « wise bodies ») way too bold, indecent and will be surprised, maybe embarrassed. Others will shudder and have sexual, maybe even fleshly, thoughts or, they will remember feeling this budding pleasure. 

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