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For as long as I can remember I have been creatively inclined. Whether it be taking
dance lessons as a child, to my passion for music and a burning desire to play the
saxophone. However, it is drawing that that creative inclination has been realised.

What started out as a hobby, where I drew as an aside to my education was quickly lost when I started working. I simply could not find the time to pursue art seriously and because of this, I found myself severely lacking confidence when it came to drawing.

Enter the coronavirus pandemic and being placed on furlough, I suddenly found
myself with an abundance of time and nothing to do! It was this that spurred me to
reinvigorate my hobby. This time however, I recently purchased software that
allowed me to create digital art and I began to experiment with this in order to add an
extra element to my drawing.

Upon seeing how popular my drawings and artwork were with my friends and
colleagues, I decided to start an Instagram page where I could showcase this art to
more people and thus Mell’s Muses was born.


The focus of Mell’s Muses, and much of my artwork is female empowerment. I have
always enjoyed drawing women of large physiques from early on in my artistic
discovery and this has evolved to me drawing women of all shapes and sizes to
advocate for body positivity and explore the raw beauty of feminine energy.


My aim is to inspire and provide a platform for all those that identify as female, so
that they can be seen in all their glory. This inspiration comes from my own problems
with my own body image and the women in my friendship groups and family.

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