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Ultra-Orthodox expressionist, Kosher Keith, Hassidic

Harring, Mendel Treitel brings worlds together.
For the longest time Judaic art and its artists have
been stuck. Yes, great art has been created, but it has
very much conformed to the traditions of the past,
dancing rabbis, or blooming flowers, or sometimes an
old synagogue. Abstract expressionism is a rare
sight in a religious Jewish home.
With persistence, patience, and courage, Treitel is
breaking that status-quo with his advanced
knowledge of both Chassidic life and law, together
with practice and experience in the world of fine art.
Growing up in the small city of Hampstead in Quebec,
Canada, Mendel Treitel was always fascinated with the
way things looked and the effect a presentation had
on it’s viewers.
Since discovering his great joy in drawing at a young
age, he never stopped developing it even while
attending yeshivah through his teens, and rabbinical
school in his early twenties. While still studying,
writing, and teaching, Treitel has served as an
apprentice for celebrated folk artist Michael
Mochnick, as well as attending the New York School
of the Arts.

His art is was recently exhibited at his solo event in Montréal Quebec and Williamsburg Brooklyn.

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