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I am an individual artist who gets inspiration from the universe and nature. I have a qualification in art and design and experience in fine art and different styles of painting. Currently, I am studying toward a qualification in Fashion Textile design. Since I was 19 years old I have started to design fabulous subjects in art and create spiritual concepts that connect us to the intelligence world. The name of my work is DAMA DAIMON which does mean combining the elegance of a lady and soul of God as I am interested in flowers and colors in spring and I mix them with calm and passion so it inspired me to choose this name for my artwork.

 Gold craft is so important for me to create a luxury style for my work and I mostly use that in my artwork. I have two different styles for my works, first is abstract and resin artwork in which I use resin for combining colors to find strong quality and the other style is fashion object/figure which I paint figures and objects like shoes, bags or bride dress which is related to fashion design.

Indeed, sometimes I use critical thinking in drawing of objects and faces to show a specific subject.

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