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Maii Fallara (a.k.a Michael Fallara) is an LGBTQ Montrealer born in Longueuil, Quebec. She was always interested in the art world since a young age. Starting from writing poetry to short stories, to later on taking pictures and eventually beginning to paint. After studying
in an art school called “College Inter-dec” in the industry of Graphic Designing. She began her career as a Designer for a couple of years until 2019 when she rediscovered her love for painting. While trying to sustain herself financially to afford to buy art supplies, she continued to work many different jobs in different industries. While also saving
money to attend university in a program that she desired. 2019 was a year of rediscovery for the artistic soul of Maii. She painted portraits to abstract contemporary art. She loves painting her heart and sharing stories of people she knows, read about, or formed meaningful connections with. She is an emerging painter ready to put on her heels
and disturb the industry. Her favorite painters & artists are various people such as; Pablo Picasso, Monet, Yayoi Kusama, Katsushika Hokusai, Andy Warhol, and many more! Impressionism, cubism, foreign art are her greatest inspirations.


 I read I write, I paint and I photograph, the world around me everlasting impressions and curiosity. I love life, I love feeling even if its sad emotions. Because feeling is being alive and real. I want my work to move people to help them feel happy but not alone, sad but not alone, angry but not alone. I want people to relate to my art. I aspire to demonstrate those emotions through my various textures, color schemes, artistic techniques.

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