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Michelle Holewa was born in a city in Germany called Heidelberg on the 30.10.1998. She raised with two lovely younger siblings and had a lively, filled with love childhood.

She graduated high school in 2017, afterward her path was going to study at the University to get her Bachelor of Law degree in Ludwigsburg. The studies are in cooperation with the German Tax office.


Back in school she already made her first footsteps by winning a couple of art contests. It was the moment she discovered her connection to art. She found a friend in her paintings. She could feel the power and intensity out of the brush strokes and the deep feelings of the various type the colors. Even the different materials of paint showed her another way to consider her canvases.


She will never forget that day when she soaked up the meaning of painting the first time in her life. For her journey this achievement was essential. She realized how to draw the brush to symbolizes her deep feelings to push her thoughts, fears, and love on a canvas to communicate to humanity.


All her paintings reflect her character, accordingly her inquisitive, open-minded, and drive for new experiences. Her goal is to bring a smile on your face. It has been a pleasure as well as to make them happy.

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