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Michael Black is an interdisciplinary, Sydney based Abstract Artist, who creates original art, prints and private commissions for an international market. Michael utilizes expressive forms and techniques of mixed media to reveal an unfolding story within his work.


Having completed a BA in Fine Arts (Design) at UNSW Art and Design Sydney Australia, Michael has been featured in both solo and group exhibitions, also expanding his practice of public murals. Michael creates in collaboration with architects, interior designers, stylists property developers, retailers, and galleries, bringing his work into a variety of new spaces.


Michael aims to explore how visual images can communicate past cultures and world-views, connecting humanity. His abstract gestures are contrasted with symbols and hidden forms within the layers of his work.


Michael places a strong emphasis on the viewer and experiments with everyday objects, spaces, people and places, often altering the meaning and aesthetics of these forms.


With an interest in how others perceive the world, Michael frequently explores new media and techniques. Strongly influenced by comics, skate culture and an imaginative, playful worldview, Michael’s work aims to bring the viewer into new understandings of the world around them.


Through his practice, Michael aims to bring others into a greater sense of fulfilment and purpose in life, communicating this through both his process and finished work.

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