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Abstract artist working in the digital medium to produce original digital art
prints for corporate spaces, collectors, galleries and interior design.

I’m interested in the effect of shapes and forms and how they can be arranged
together over interesting grounds to create space and movement. Space is
important in my work as it allows the forms to breather and have greater
importance. I enjoy blending the marks, colours and shapes into exciting and
thought-provoking compositions. Experimenting allows me to find new
techniques and undiscovered colour combinations. Colour is a beautiful thing
and I enjoy working with different combinations.

To date, I have exhibited mainly in the UK in large contemporary art fairs such
as Glasgow, Liverpool, and Manchester. I also have my work on display in
exclusive galleries and have worked with a number of interior designers in the
UK and the US. I have recently featured in the UK ideal Home magazine and been selected as a ‘one to watch’.

Blackpool college of Art: Foundation 1988-90
Cumbria College of Art & Design: 1991-94

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