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Michelle Harton (b.1983) is an Irish artist who works mainly in acrylic and water soluble pastel and pencil. She has studied art at Fermanagh College in Northern Ireland, classical portraiture and figure painting and drawing at Studio Escalier, France and plein air painting with David Mynett in Majorca along with many years of creating her own style.

2019 was a year of great artistic progression for Michelle, she created a solo exhibition of 22 paintings based on “The Fairy Stories Of Oscar Wilde”, a book her Grandmother had given her as a child. The exhibition was supported by Creative Ireland, Cavan Arts Office and Johnston Central Library for Culture Night Ireland and continued for Children's Book Festival Month in October 2019. In November 2019 Michelle launched an interactive art buying experience on Instagram preselling 37 paintings in 30 days to collectors who bought without knowing what their painting would look like. The experience has gained her many new followers and collectors and has encouraged her to seek out newer, creative, fun ways to interact with art buyers.


2019 - Recipient of an Arts Award from Johnston Central Library, Cavan, to create "A House Of Pomegranates", a solo exhibition based on the works of Oscar Wilde.

2015 – Recipient of an Arts Development Award to research and visually
respond to the ghost stories and folklore of my home town Cavan in an exhibition
called "The Hollow", awarded by Cavan County Council Arts Office.

April 2012 - Recipient of The Tommy McLoughlin Arts Award, awarded by Cavan
County Council Arts Office and The McLoughlin Family.

START 2021 at The Saatchi Gallery, London.

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