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I’ve spent my life in the arts, coming from a family of various artists. My background lies in architecture and textile design, where I have learned about structure and composition, which I intuitively apply to every canvas.

I feel most alive when immersed in the creative process. I have traveled all my life, a mind-opening process, in my opinion, settled down in Italy now.

My inspiration comes mainly from nature, but is strongly influenced by feelings and emotions, which I liquify on to the canvas in very free dance-like movements but with severe scrutinize about color and balance.

My aim is to bring beauty, motion, and energy to your home. Luckily I had many opportunities to collaborate with furniture and fashion designers, who create with fearless enthusiasm and where art is a way of life.

My work reflects my optimism, passion and the continuous desire to push boundaries. I have exhibited extensively throughout Europe, China, and the US. My paintings are housed in numerous private collections in the USA, Germany, Iceland, Italy, France, Switzerland, Romania, China.

Upcoming events this year, dates are still unclear because of the current situation

Soloshow  'Verschmelzungen'  Gallerie Lacke&Farben  Berlin 

'Madre terra'   Parco Esposizioni Novegro   30-31 may

'Anda - Building Bridges' with Tryitart at Castello di Casale Monferrato

'Timeless'  with Artmoleto  at Castello di Casale Monferrato 

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