Having started her career in interior design Miki took a break to bring up her family. For a brief period during this time, she dabbled with various art forms and started making and painting salt dough sculptures, both for commissions and to sell in local craft fairs.


A few years ago Miki started taking art lessons and realized that painting is where her heart lies. After playing around with mediums and styles she found that contemporary and abstract art were her favorites. She loves painting in bold and bright colors, usually with acrylic paint, and her work often has a geometric style to it, although she is inspired by her mood on the day and often doesn’t know what she’s going to paint until she puts brush to canvas.  Miki usually starts by choosing her color palette, sometimes she draws a rough sketch first of what she would like to achieve but other times it is just a case of she'll see where the brush takes her and I lets it flow....

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