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“In many ways art and creativity have always been my refuge, my connection with the world around me and the tool that allows me to focus when lost. My art practice is an exploration of form, color and texture as a vehicle to harness those feelings that live within us but cannot be expressed with words. I found watercolors and embroidery combination to be the perfect technique Since the dialogue between what I seek and what is demanded by the materials I handle, is part of the process of every work I embark on. It seems spontaneous, but it is not. Every color wash and stich are drafted where they are supposed to. For me, ultimately art is a medicine. Our lives are a cycle of
opened and closed wounds that leave a unique mark to each one of us, shaping our story and skin. My paintings yearn to be a reflection of the stiches we manage to sew and the scars that appear after healing in our journey as humans.”

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