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I am a self-taught artist based in London and art has always played a significant part of my life. I have always been inspired by how colours sit next to each other and their relationship, their effect on human brain and how they make us feel in general.


I started drawing since as a little girl back in Bulgaria, where I was born and art has always been my hobby. I never took it any further before until I realised I really need it in my life and being creative is what is driving move forward. Over the years I started practising graphic design which helped a lot to explore my skills and find out more about how I feel about colours and composition. The skills I gained helped me a lot in future and also to recently graduate BA in Interior design at the National Design Academy alongside with raising my children and work. I have passion about interiors and art within spaces, which inspired me to enrol to this course.


I love exploring new techniques and can find inspiration almost everywhere. I enjoy to see how colours flow onto paper when working with inks and create unexpected effect, which can often turns out surprisingly well. Exploring art to me is very addictive and therapeutic, it helps me find balance in my life and focus on positive direction.

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