'Snake Pit', Collage, Reproduced Photogr



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In 2017 Miranda Carins graduated from the University of Leeds with BA Hons in Fine
Art (1 st class). At Leeds she was awarded the ‘Passey Prize’ for the most original
work within painting, sculpture, ceramics and design across the two faculties of Fine
Art and Art and Design. Since graduating, she has exhibited at the Marshwood Arts
Awards in the South West, where she was awarded the runner up prize for sculpture.
Carins has also shown her work frequently in Bath, at the 44AD Gallery through
Thomas Spencer Fine Art. Carins recently has completed a six month residency in
London at Husk Gallery culminating in a solo exhibition in August 2020.

Carins reconfigures experienced environments and architectural forms. Scenes are captured photographically and are retranslated either through painting or
through the selective and combining processes involved in montage and collage. Her
collages are then reproduced photographically incorporating the three dimensional
aesthetic of the collages. The way we perceive landscape and architecture takes on a different form, it becomes distorted and surreal. Our mind tries to uncoil the shapes in the collages to create a sense of order, by relating them to concrete things in our world.
Carins also captures nature and architecture through painting. Spaces such as the
ocean, mountains and the city are captured to question what it feels like to
experience these places. In particular, Carins’ ‘Ocean Series’ depicts the expansive
ocean at different times of the day. We gain a sense of the ocean’s sublime essence;
it’s unquantifiable and uncontrollable nature.


The fusion of painting and collage is the energy behind Carins’ work, it allows for
infinite possibilities, combinations, and thus consistently drives new work. A continual
uncertain process of selecting, layering and recycling, until it forms a finished product
of a collage or a painting.

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