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Miri was born in Argentina in 1964 and moved to Israel when she was 15 years old. Miri is married and have 2 children. Miri have a BA degree in biophysical chemistry and worked for Intel for 27 years. Painting has been always her deepest passion and kept always connected to it through drawing classes and realistic oil painting
workshops. In 2015, Miri left the high-tech work to fully concentrate on her painting career. Abstract painting and portrait are her favourites subjects. For Miri, the process of making of an abstract painting is always an adventure, the inspiration comes from a vision or a thought of a color, a shape or a place, it starts with a few random strokes and develops through the process till the very end. For the figurative
paintings Miri likes to add abstract elements to add mystery and suspense. Miri’s paintings are displayed for sale on several Israeli galleries. Miri participated in several group exhibitions and a solo exhibition.

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