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I am a London based Artist whose work pays homage to those sights and sensations whichsurround me. I take inspiration from the history of Art, story telling, images of strong female characters, and in exploring the boundaries of gender and cultural identity. In expressing colour and narrative, I carefully craft and weave together images to produce a striking visual mixed media art form. Initially I primarily work in my sketchbook using paint and collage, drawing on imagery and connections to the past, whilst bringing my own painterly qualities and convictions into play. The process of creation owes as much to chance, improvisation, and an openness to outside source material. My use of digital and multi layered images from my travels, Art history, and other urban and everyday sources help me to create this fusion within my work. This process which evolves through drawings, paint and collage, is further digitally enhanced with surface layering techniques that can take months to complete. Each image creates a seductive life of its own, with its unique blend of traditional and contemporary media.

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