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I have always been drawn to art. Especially art that made me feel something. I am originally a 

psychotherapist and worked in healthcare, both in psychiatry and with drug addicts. I always saw the best in people and I never judge by the cover. We all have a history, as have I. I always wanted to look behind the cover and discover the human behind it.

10 years ago I had to leave my job because of health issues. Now the tabled was turned, and I became a patient. I am suffering from chronic pain and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

I have been painted for 20 years now, a self-taught expressionist. In these difficult times, I found my help in my art. My expressions and feelings came through my canvas. 

For years this was my escape, but also my inspiration to keep on painting. 

About 10 months ago I found fluidart through YouTube. It really applied to me and made me shift focus. U can say it colored my day. All the colors playing on the canvas made me happy and gave me a vitamin boost.

My love for nature is a big part of my identity and throughout my life. I think we can find new energy in colors. At the same time, we can find memories, feelings, calmness, and freedom. All of this we can find in nature. 

My vision is to create art that can color more lives out in the world. That would be one of my greatest gift to receive.

My pictures do not have a title, because I believe that different perspectives are healthy and fun. If u 

buy my paint, u decide what is the right interpretation for u! Or maybe u want to explore it and keep it untitled. 

My future goal is to make my own YouTube channel where you can learn how to flow a canvas, the techniques, and how to mix your paint with different mediums. 

~ do not judge the book by its cover

~ it all depends on the eyes who see

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