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I am a Canadian born artist based in Santiago, Chile. I have been a professional architect since 2008 after completing my degree in Santiago; I went to The Netherlands to pursue a Master of Science in Architecture, at Delft University of Technology. Currently I work as a freelance architect and I also enjoy giving time to my paintings.


Landscape paintings are my central theme. I would describe my work as spontaneous, experimental and sensitive. They vary from translucent vibrant watercolors to oil textured landscape paintings. Even though they are exterior landscapes, I express my inner self, through shapes, vibrant colors and brush strokes.

Nature has inspired my work as an integral part of my eagerness for life. It brings me balance, joy, truth, sensitivity and peace. I feel whole with what I look, giving me different memories, emotions and sensations. I am looking forward to create more art and be motivated with my surroundings and feelings. The creative process is something I enjoy, especially the experimental part.

Right now I am eager to travel to the very south of Chile and absorb its unique
landscapes. I’m also getting in touch with local galleries where I can exhibit and share my work.

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