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Monica Mills began using painting as a form of therapy in her adult life as a step aside from the daily routines of teaching in a primary classroom. Taking inspiration from the important conversations about sexism, expectations and social norms with her young students, equality emerged at the heart of her work. With a combination of internal frenetic energy, and an overwhelming sense of calm, images appear. There is nothing that can stop her desire to paint, even without a paintbrush in her hand. Monica channels her energy through her fingers, through the brush, projecting emotions onto canvas. With so much love for movement, it is only when
her hands are moving on the canvas, partially with the help of intuition, that she can visualize her internal energy. As a self-confessed citizen of the world, she uses her eclectic experiences to create a visual journey of discovery and excitement. Drawing from travel and her amorphous
roots, the abstract works gather layers of integrity, interest and introversion. Currently a Masters student of Fine Art in Prague, Monica has had the privilege of exhibiting her work in the Netherlands, Macau, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom.

Prague College Art Scholarship
Macau YunYi Annual Exhibition - Art of Illustration

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