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I was born in Porto, Portugal in 1972, and I am based in Vila do Conde, Portugal.
I hold a degree in Tourist Activities Management and worked in an Airline Company for 20 years.
With a passion for art and travelling, I painted since early years as a self-taught artist.
In 2011, I joined private painting lessons and started painting more often.
After the sudden death of my husband and love of my life, in 2018, I began making art almost as a need of transmuting my pain and emotions.
In 2019, I joined the Practical Course in Painting of the Continuing Education of the University of Fine Arts of Porto and finished it in 2020.
I paint narratives, usually framed in the feminine world, that try to describe feelings and emotions brought by the vicissitudes of life. Most of the time, unknown women, who are not a self-representation, but a reflection of my feelings, drama and pain; but also love, hope and strength.

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