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"Monisha Gallage is a self-taught Batik artist originally from Sri Lanka. She recently moved to New Zealand and currently working as a contemporary Batik artist residing in Auckland. She was exposed to the world of art at her young age by her father who was a well-known newspaper comic artist in Sri Lanka. She won many all island and international art competitions in the past and she always used art to foster her eclectic imagination. She completed her Design degree in University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka Where she specialized in Fashion and lifestyle design. She was once on a very promising corporate path working as a junior fashion designer for few of world-renowned brands before she chose to become a full-time batik artist. She fell in love with Batik during her university studies and experimented with batik to be utilised as a viable art form for contemporary art. She also worked as an Art & design tutor affiliated to the Ministry of Education for a brief period of time and she has also won several Sri Lankan art awards as a young artist inspiring others to recognise Batik as a viable art form rather than just a textile dyeing technique. She had to work really hard for almost three years before she started seeing any results and now she is regularly commissioned to create batik art for various projects and she exhibits her art works in several well-known art galleries all around New Zealand. She is also a member of Artists trade union of Russia and several other online artist networks. She is currently planning her solo art exhibition and working on her new portrait series. Even though Batik is well-known as a wax-resist dyeing technique which is considered as a slow and laborious process, she believes Batik painting is lot more than an ancient dying technique yet a very unique and powerful art form with qualities that the regular air brushed, watercolour or oil painting doesn’t have. Offering something unique and innovative was her choice and she is keen to try something new every day."

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