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“Moravera” is a Spanish expression which merges both last names Morales and Rivera which in essence describes who I am. “A la Vara” is a popular expression from Puerto Rico to describe that something will be cooked.

For me, this represents the expression that this is me… this is me in the raw, my expressions, my emotions, my thoughts everything expressed through brush strokes.

I was born and raised in a small town to the north of Puerto Rico called Catano. My artist background surges as I enrolled in The Central High School of Visual Arts in Santurce, PR. Where I learned the principles of painting, drawing, composition, theory of color and more. As my passion for art rises, my passion for science and math grows as well. This lead for me to study in the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez in which I graduated from a bachelor’s degree of Mechanical Engineering, with a minor concentration in Project Management. Driving by innovation and creativity I understand that between engineering and art is a small leap of ingenuity and innovation to be discovered.

Past Exhibitions:

  • Centro de Bellas Artes de Guaynabo: "Matices Dejando Huellas" 2010

  • Centro de Bellas Artes de Guayama: "Matices dejando Huellas" 2010

  • Exhibition: "The island of Puerto Rico: Music, color, and flavor" in Washington D.C. 2012

  • Exhibition: "Invadiendo Realidades" 2013

  • Exhibition: "Inmortal" 2013

  • Exhibition: "Noche de las Artes" in the Teatro Tapia theater. 2013

  • Exhibition: “Congressional Art Exhibition” at US. Capitol Washington D.C. 2014

  • Exhibition: “Estagios” Central High School of Visual Arts, Santurce, San Juan PR. 2014

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