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The general theme of my artwork is experience and feeling of beauty. The experience of the beautiful has something magical, something you can feel, but what you can not grasp, something that makes you overwhelmed and dreaming, something that makes everything easy. It is the eternity of the universe that resonates in this overwhelming experience. For me, it is: "to enjoy the beauty is to enjoy eternity".

I photograph the moments in a process. I try to see the photographed "new", to experience it "new" and to interpret it "new". I hope the viewer sees and feels the same way: seeing and feeling the familiar things of life with "new" eyes. I digitally manipulate the photos to express what I see and feel.

For example my “American pictures”

When I returned from a trip to the southwestern United States and looked at the pictures at home in Germany, I was quite disappointed because the photos did not convey what I felt when I recorded them. The photos showed red-brown, oddly shaped stones and a cloudless, blue sky. But, after several days in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Phoenix, you can see the landscapes in and around the National Parks with different eyes. My colorful American landscapes express how I experienced these landscapes: a dynamic, colorful, wildly beautiful America that thrilled me.

I only work digitally. This means that my pictures (the originals!) are  JPG files. I work digitally because I think digital technology is a contemporary means of expression.