My name is Mosa Ncumisa Sixishe and I’m a 22 year old African Artist from the Kingdom of Lesotho in Southern Africa. I have always had a deep love and appreciation for the experimentation with colour, shapes and textiles from the young age of 10.

After my Secondary Studies in South Africa whilst learning music and Art from 2011- 2015, I moved to Southern Spain, in costa del sol to obtain my studies In Fashion Design. Yet primary, my focus was to explore more of the musical culture, language and rich history. And still currently still doing so..

I recently graduated with a First Class BA (Hons) in Fashion Design and Manufacturing validated by Middlesex University in Marbella, Spain.

On the contrary, my general interests include writing, reading poetry, designing garments in relation to Architecture, translating daily photography work into Artworks, exploring nature in particular the ocean life and diving into soulful and jazz music by learning more about past, and modern and upcoming artists.


I never had any intention of becoming an artist while growing up but always felt the need to express myself through the use of colour. My mother is a self taught Interior Designer and she used to take me to the hardware store as a young girl at the young age of 10. And at times I would run off to the paint studio/section and stare at the massive wall stacked with colour pantones and palettes. Would be so mesmerized by the beauty of each colour and how one gets to blend them and read their specific codes that made them unique - that’s why I always give my Artwork a name and number.


Before you know it, I started taking small colour swatches home to study their tones and diversity. Fortunately, my love for colour grew to such an extent that years later I had a considerably big box filled with swatches from our monthly hardware store visits. I guess the journey started then and is still continuing..


The main aspects that highlight most of the Artworks is the experimentation with the discomfort of symmetry. I also like to challenge myself to see how much and how far can I go with one shape and one colour. It’s about exploring the variations of what one themed object can offer you and how you translate the vision through colour. Also looking into what you can give back with the little you have/started with. 


For one can become many !!

And also, most of the Artworks can be translated as an experimental reflection of structure influenced by Urban, Deconstructive and Structuralism and contemporary Architecture. I’m also observing Architectural trends and reading about different movements throughout history.


At this time and point, the skills and techniques I’ve gained by turning one object into many, has all been digitally executed. Would love to invest in more Art resources in the near future and recreate my skills on a bigger scale by working with textiles, ceramics and glass. Would love that challenge!

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