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I was born in 1975 in Spain, in the town of Figueres (Girona), where the painter Salvador Dalí was also from. I have always thought that people born in this land have a born artistic touch, perhaps due to the influence of the Tramuntana (a special wind), which touches us all a little. 

From a very young age I remember drawing at home, any paper that was blank I filled it with drawings. I started painting as a young girl next to my mother, who is an artist with a brush. At the age of 17, I took a painting course with a local painter and began to take my own style. 

Now I have switched to digital art and I love it! I think I can express what I want better, although I have not left the oil and acrylic and I am combining several techniques. 

I hope you like my works, for me they are small pieces of the author, of his soul, and sometimes it is difficult to expose them because you feel a little naked in front of strangers. But when you know that the eyes that look do it with knowledge and love, you feel totally fulfilled!

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