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Marie Vetrò, class 1993, grew up between the Langhe hills and the Provencal town of Aix en Provence, in France, where her father's family lived.

Strongly influenced by Paul Cezanne's town artistic context, she has shown a deep desire to express herself through drawing, painting, and photography since childhood.

Marie conceives Art as a creation in which people of every kind and origin can recognize themselves and share a lived emotion. That is why she chooses to use strong, direct acrylic colors that convey an immediate sensation to the observer of the canvas itself; she finds inspiration in real and everyday life, although the paintings seem to come to life in a dreamlike atmosphere.

The emerging artist, after her first solo exhibition in a small Piedmontese city near Alba (followed by her first commissions), launched herself into the official art world at the age of 26 by participating at the Amars exhibition in Milan. There she presented her canvas Kairos et Chronos, inspired by the ancient Greek conception of time, depicting a naked couple passionately embraced where Chronos corresponds to the man and Kairos to the woman.

Her work was much appreciated and immediately purchased.

After this first experience, she took part in a second exhibition in Milan - Ars Gratia Artis, gaining further followers thanks to the Milan All News radio interview of which she was the protagonist.

Today the young artist has several projects in progress and will soon participate in DreamArs, a new exhibition in Milan sponsored by Huawei. DreamArs is dedicated to the dimension of the artist-dreamer and deals with the way in which the latter conceives the theme of inequality.

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