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I am a french artist, living and working in Strasbourg.

I have a degree in visual arts and I also follow a training course in graphic design.

After working for several years on botanical and naturalist illustrations, I have changed. I don’t feel the necessity of being realistic anymore.  

Drawing is my form of creative expression, I used gouache, watercolors, acrylic, ink, and colored pencils.

Paper is my favorite support. By his delicacy, it reminds me of the fragility of creative thought.


Style description


My artwork is based on the repetition of the line. The geometrics elements can both support or disturb those lines. By doing the same hand gesture over and over, I, somehow, disconnect myself from drawing. I’d rather question, evaluate, and accept the conscious use of instinct, intellect, and intuition.

My work remains visual, I like to play with the same components to find different harmony.

I think of my art as a combination of the minimalist geometric draw and abstract writing, like some visual poetry.

 The empty space is an integral part of the artwork. I believe that the slightest line can disrupt the whole composition and so the drawing and the non-drawing parts are perceived through the same look.

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