Nadia Cabrera was born on May 27, 1986 in the Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. She began her studies at the Universidad Nacional del Arte, participating in various work analysis clinics with artists and specialized critics.
She participated in the Prilidiano Pueyrredón Prize 2011 at the Haroldo Conti Cultural Memory Center, convened by the Prilidiano Pueyrredón Visual Arts Department of the Universidad Nacional del Arte.
In 2019 she made the exhibition of her work “Tejido Social” in the BARRO Cultural Space, Isidro Casanova, during the first evening edition of the Local and Self-managed Cultural Spaces 2019.
Painting and sculpture are her maximum expressions. The development of her work is based on the transformation of materiality using waste objects to recycle and give them a second chance.
She is currently attending the Instituto Superior de Formación Docente y Técnica No. 88 "Paulo Freire", located in the city of San Justo, studying cultural management.

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