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Natalia Toderica. Was born on March 22, 1985 in Western Ukraine.

After graduating from school she studied the economics and business at the Chernivtsi National University(Ukraine). But in those years she was already attracted to art.

She visited galleries and looked at paintings, studying the techniques, used by the artists. After several years of running her own perfume business, Natalia continued to search for her true self and her true destiny. At one point, in 2012, this search led her to the creative studio of Sergei Nazarets in the city of Kiev, where Natalia was able to discover her talent as an artist. The artist calls this stage of her life the first Miracle.

Constant development and love of travel created the foundation for creativity, vivid impressions inspired to write pictures. The artist used bright colors and different techniques, studying and experimenting.

The completed course of meditation can be safely called a new stage in the formation of the artist.

During that period, came the realisation that everything in this world is energy and we live in order to constantly improve ourselves and create good. It was then that Natalia determined her life mission: approach to perfection, while improving the world around.

A certain desire to leave a mark on the history of mankind in the form of works of art is very inspiring and energizing. Each time, before picking up brushes and paints in her hands, Natalia meditates in order to start the next work with pure and positive energy. This is how meditative works, dictated by the flows of strong energy, were painted. Each artist paintings contains a part of her life, her exciting emotions.

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