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I've spent my life loving art but never imagined I could make it.  I've spent years going to the best galleries and exhibitions all over the world, and never failing to feel transformed and inspired by every single thing I saw.  But I couldn't be an artist...could I?  

It took a global pandemic and being shut in my apartment near Barcelona with my dog Scout for me to begin to dispel that myth.  In a state of clinical depression and anxiety, I started with a coloring book.  I quickly got bored with that and started drawing my own patterns to colour.  Then, one day I drew my dog as she sat on the couch next to me.  I was hooked.  And shocked!  Over the coming weeks and months, I made a thousand mistakes, but I also found peace and beauty within me that refused to go out every single time I picked up a brush.  

​Art has saved me in a time of complete darkness.  I hope you like my work... please know that every single one contains love and a little bit of my heart. 

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