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Nathan Paddison is a self-taught Australian artist from Taree on the Mid-North coast of NSW.

By his own description, Nathan has had a troubled past and art has been a key factor in his recovery from drug addiction.

Nathan’s art can be raw and confront your senses. Some of Nathan’s work is ironic and delivers strong social and political messages.

Other works reflect on childhood memories and convey a palatable sense of playfulness and optimism.

It is this dichotomy in themes, imagery and messaging that makes Nathan such a unique and interesting emerging Australian artist.

Nathan works in a variety of media, including acrylics, charcoal, marker, ink, pastel and collage.

Solo exhibition - Sunset Gallery NSW

Australia ArtWalk - NSW 2020

Traffic Jam Galleries - exhibition 2021

Art Passage - solo exhibition 2021

The Other Art Fair - 2021

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