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Creator of NavArt

Hi, I am Navambika Daram, Warm Welcome to my page, it’s my pleasure to introduce myself and I’m thankful for the same. I am born and brought up in one of the most beautiful Mutli-Cultured Tropical country, India.

I was an ex Cabin Attendant, I enjoy observing and understanding beauty of Nature and interact with  people to understand their experiences, my world becomes more interesting when I bring the same inspiration in my Art Work.

It has been a conscious Journey since my childhood, Earlier I was enjoying painting or sketching as a hobby, as time passed by it became my passion now and I am willing to show the same to the World.

Dwelling in the aura of Art is something every Artist fascinates about, as an Artist wants everyone to find their own version of Story through their Art. Unexpressed emotions and Desire of understanding oneself. That is how even I resonate with my creativity.

My work of Art speaks very Straight and Beautiful. Imagination through it brings the right meaning and definition.

I am a strong believer of Love and Happiness; I aspire to bring Conscious Intelligence of Love in my art work to inspire people in Various Perspectives. Genuine Friendship between Nature and humans is the first step for the World Peace, “Don’t you think the same”?

I hope my paintings Surprises, Inspires and gives you that comfort all the time.

Love and Regards,
Navambika Daram

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