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Nazrene is a practicing Interdisciplinary Artist located in Atlanta, Georgia US but was born in the Philippines with a mixed racial background of both Palestinian and Filipino.  Her original focus at Florida State University was Video/Photography and Sculpture however, she has been focusing on painting and analog as of lately. She presents her photography in a variety of formats as well as video installations that may include sculptural forms.

My curiosity is drawn to the complex connection between mental health and the need for societal normalcy. In some of my work, I use material such as tule because it mimics the haziness in dream-like memories. In previous and ongoing work, Nazrene addresses the ongoing turmoil that takes place in the West Bank. Hoping for peace while presenting subtle truths of what is taking place. As of recently, she has taken interest in paint drenched paper towels used to clean up paint and recycles it into a material used in the paintings, all inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic. In photographs, she uses the double exposure format in which compresses two moments that set a narrative of what she sees during the All Black Lives Matter movement. As of now, she plans to continue to use exploration, observations, and experience as a part of the process.


“Whether channeling personal expression, provoking emotions, or capturing a moment of light and shadow, in my work I want to portray the spasms of feelings that underpin our life. I explore fear and curiosity connecting mental health in the modern world. I work by observing others and their emotions as well as embracing my own. I intend to bring the beauty of what's unseen and life's unidentifiable outcomes.”