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Né Barros, was born in Portugal in 1964.

He exhibits regularly, having participated in prestigious collective exhibitions and several individual exhibitions.

In 2001, it begins in exhibition outside the country, highlighting the city of New York.


Studied Art paint in Art School “ Sociedade Nacional das Belas Artes “, Lisbon, Portugal

Complementary Year of Atelier with the Painter Jaime Silva, Lisbon, Portugal



Layer by layer I’m building abstract forms highlighting the beauty found in the process itself. The aim of my work is color, texture and roughness, strongly influenced by the beauty of nature. I look shapes in the relationship between natural and man-made elements. Nature has its own way of reinventing itself and over the years of regenerating itself. It is in the encounter of these processes that my pictorial search manifests itself. I seek perfection in the imperfections, in the insignificant and neglected marks that nature creates in the chaos. 

Work instinctively with textures and colors. The materials are deconstructed using methodically plastic materials - spreading, burning and drying. Time is invested in its realization: the works can take days, or months to be created. The works evolve organically. They are constructed with layers of paint, glue, resin, in three-dimensional abstract shapes that hang between object and image. Together they create a unique, visual and tactile landscape of form, depth and texture that challenges the spectator to reflect it.

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