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Negin Kazemzadegan was born in 1989 esfahan, iran.

she felt so much love in painting since she was a kid, but life goes another way and takes her to the computer world.

she gets an associate of computer software from university in Esfahan.

she starts working as a technician but her heart was at art, so she starts painting in 2016 as a hobby but she finds her self very good at it and feels very happy, so she continues her journey and she decides to put her life into art and painting from 2017 till now. she starts painting with a color pencil but soon changes into watercolor and after that using pastel but finally finds love with oil on canvas and still painting with it. she is a self-taught painter. since she was a kid, she has the idea of painting everything exactly like they are in real life, so now she is painting in hyperrealism and photorealism as her childhood dream. for every project she chooses the subject and prepare the scene and do the lighting of it and took photograph and all of the other related activity composed by herself, she took about 300 to 400 photo from each scene, then choose one of them that she like most and start painting it in the way that it looks like exactly in reality and not stop adding fine details until she got happy with it.

she has her first group exhibition in Pegana art at Milad tower east gallery in Tehran.

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