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I am an Artnaturalist from central India. Besides, I am a dentist by
profession completed my graduation and acquired my degree course
of bachelor in dental surgery in 2004.When I was in high school in my
native town my dad and me used to do basic art work from tree
droppings available in our garden space and in our farm. Later after
marriage, I started my artwork as a part time hobby, while continuing
my dental practice. I collect the woodlings (parts of trees and plants-
like dried flowers, seeds, leaves, branches to everything…...from the
depth of every wood) , preserve their natural beauty, and then shape it
into different forms based on the uniqueness of each woodling, to
create a masterpiece in the form of frozen frames(each frame depicts
the stages of woodlings life). All woodlings are collected by hand, dried
naturally in outdoors, no two woodlings are identical which adds to its
uniqueness. All woodlings are collected after they fall from trees and
have finished their life cycle to completely preserve the nature’s beauty
in its true sense. Each of my creation is a masterpiece with no two
frames alike.
My art medium is Modified wooden base, naturally dried flowers,
petals, seeds and shoots. I use resin, varnish etc for coating and to
prolong the shelf life of the frames. I have recently exhibited my art
work in my hometown in Ujjain in central India. I am a strong
environmentalist and try to preserve the nature’s beauty in its true
natural form.

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