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Born to a Korean mother and Italian father, Nicholas resides in the Bay Area, California. His interest in art began as a form of therapy and a way to express his emotions and thoughts. When journaling, it would turn into pages of words and doodles, the doodles then grew into pages of drawings. Excited about his progression and passion to create, Nicholas eventually found himself in front of a canvas, and he’s never left it since. “The inspiration for my art is my life journey, experiences, people I meet, and their stories. Just like every interaction in life, each piece is a moment in time that you can’t take back. They are my expression and thoughts flowing onto the canvas. Each painting or drawing is a scene to me, a story. One left to the imagination. Grow forever”


Over the past five years, Nicholas has had the opportunity to share his work in homes and offices. There have been many successful art shows at community centers, libraries, and cafes around the Bay Area. Just as each piece is unique and original, each canvas he paints on is as well. Everything is 1 of 1.


Art is Nicholas’s therapy and expression, creating will always be an integral part of his life. He continues to develop and grow his artistry and is excited for what the future entails.

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