Nick Dawson is an artist, musician and teacher based in Essex, England. His work has been exhibited in Cyprus and the UK.
“My abstract paintings explore the relationships between colour, contrast, mark making and surface quality. I mainly use knives to layer up colours quickly, allowing them to mix and interact on the surface. I don't plan my pieces but allow spontaneity to lead before refining compositions as they emerge.
I use acrylic paints and a variety of additive mediums such as modeling paste, tar gel and gloss/ matte mediums to control and explore surface lustre.
There is no subject matter in my work other than the materials themselves. I strive to create balanced and engaging compositions which invite the viewer to discover hidden details and build their own interpretations. The effect of seeing faces where there aren't any - known as pareidolia - or getting the sense of a place or situation, has often been attributed to my paintings.”
Nick lives in Westcliff on Sea with wife Laura and their two children. He is a secondary school teacher of art and photography. He also runs a small record label, Courier, with Stuart Bowditch and releases ambient and improvised music under the aliases Eumig, Furrows and Silences.

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