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Growing up in Kent, England, Nicky was born with tricuspid atresia, a rare heart condition that impacted her development in the early years of her life. Finding that painting would often give her a sense of peace in difficult times, art became her choice hobby at an early age.


It was only in her later years that Nicky found her form of landscape painting and from 2018 has pursued her love for painting full time. Nicky has rapidly grown her following base and has attended exhibitions in London and her work is currently in galleries in Brighton.


"My paintings are based on my perception of creation in its rawest form, land, sea and sky. My work isn't intended as literal but impressions of experiences and memories put onto a canvas to create a unique place. My aim is to capture a deep sense of atmosphere balanced with light”.



My next event will be at contemporary Art fair at Sandown racecourse in March 2021



- Unique Arts LTD (Hove)

- M. Saltmarch (Tunbridge Wells)

-The Artist Hub (Haywards Heath) shopping centre



- Parallax Art Fair (Kensington)



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