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Nico was born in Greece but he has been living in London since 2012. He started painting when he was 6 and he has been painting occasionally since then; until 2018, when he realized that he was not fulfilling his need to be creative elsewhere in his life. He is a highly qualified finance consultant & analyst and finance have been his passion for a long time but he needed arts to complement this with something more creative.

He mainly works with acrylics and oil paints but he likes using charcoal, pencil, graphite, inks, and pastels. Although people are usually attracted to the level of detail in his realistic and vibrant landscape and cityscape work, he refuses to leave his love for abstract creation on the side. Nico prefers not to assign labels, he is a skilfully versatile artist and he refuses to relate to one style of art. Nico enjoys “painting songs”. Music is a form of inspiration for him and he sometimes uses music and lyrics of a song to paint the scene, scenario or emotions a song evokes. Except for music and realism Nico’s art is about expressing himself and his feelings, the way he sees things demonstrates the current personal but also society’s matters and he likes painting for a cause. Those are some of the qualities which can predominantly be seen in his abstract works.

He considers himself a self-taught painter due to the limited education he has received on arts but he thinks that art is always a work-in-progress subject. You always have something new to learn, something new to experiment with and something new that inspires you. He has taken various courses during his life, from drawing and painting to photography, pottery and music.

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