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"There is actually a world behind this world. As a philosophy without words, I try milk glass permeability“


 Nicola Barth lives and works in Germany near Frankfurt am Main. She completed her master's degree in German language and literature, theatre, film and television studios, and psychology at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt. She always thought about writing books, but soon she put her pen out of her hand and picked up a brush to find new forms of expression. Words were no longer sufficient to describe what she was dealing with: permanent metamorphic processes in non-obvious areas. Her paintings can be understood as a short visual light that gives insight into a temporally and spatially limited section of a development process. Movements remain frozen in a gesture without being still. Painting and drawing mainly in graphite and oil are complemented by three-dimensional works and digitally manipulated photography. The content follows the same principle and is as abstract and surreal as her paintings. She regularly attends courses at art academies, and her works were shown at the Hessische Landeskunstausstellung in Marburg, the Museum Modern Art in Hün-feld, Museum Theo Kerg and others.


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