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My name is Nicolae Vatra, born in Romania, currently living in Germany, and I'm a visual artist with a focus on painting and photography.

    After a challenging time in my life, I decided to quit my job and to get a better grasp of what life really means. I enrolled as a volunteer and at the same time started to pursue my career in visual arts. I first learned to order my visuals with the help of photography more than 10 years ago and with time I started to experiment with glass engraving, pencil drawing, and ceramics paintings after a knee surgery taking advantage of the recovery time. I was always curious and attracted to details and obsessed with finding a balance in imperfections.
       I fight against symmetry and against perfect lines as I do not believe in perfection all together, I'm into redefining the line between chaos and order. What I paint is organized chaos, is the imperfection, the kitsch and the unbalanced mixed in details and what I'm striving for is to get that 'something weird and special' that will keep one starring for a long time and push some of the viewers out of the comfort zone of the past visual knowledge.


My paintings are about me as long as I don't show them. In the second that they will reveal themselves to the world my paintings will metamorphose in portraits of each viewer.
There is no need for perfection, as long the imperfection is not fully reshaped only to be embraced and accepted as such. Only after a full understanding of what imperfection really is, we can visualize perfection as the opposite of the imperfection. I strongly believe that the human creative potential is barely used, most of us being used with a 'beautiful' that it's being imposed on us, rather than pushing ourselves to find beauty in everything and reshaping it while complying to our inwards, polished by each one's life background.

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