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Nicole Andan of Nicole Barbara Arts in an International Artist, her creations are currently sitting in homes and businesses in the UK, Europe, Singapore, USA, The UAE and Ghana. As a child of military parents, she has lived in countries across Europe; and after a stint in London during her twenties, where she met her husband Dominic, she has been settled in the South West of England, UK for the last 10 years.


In 2015 following the birth of her precious daughter, Lilly-Anne, Nicole was diagnosed with a lifelong disability called Rheumatoid Arthritis; an autoimmune disease that damages her joints causing pain and deformity. 


As a new Mum and newly disabled Nicole struggled to find some balance; then after a move to Gloucester she met another Mum and Artist who encouraged her to pick up a paintbrush.


Nicole soon discovered holding paintbrushes caused significant pain in her hands, having found her passion for art Nicole would not be discouraged, she tried alternative methods and found a preference for pallet knives and sponges; she also discovered a passion for contemporary, textured or "mixed media" art and has incorporated her love of jewels and precious metal into her art using metal leaf.

The Luna Collection is her first full collection of work and is named after each pieces obvious resemblance to the Earth’s Moon, however, along with a passion for art Nicole also has a fascination with Greek and Roman history which has led to many of her previous pieces of art to be named after classical gods and the Luna Collection is no different in that respect. 

The collection, launched on 01/10/2020, comprises 10 original pieces with a further 5 scheduledfor release in November. Focussing on the juxtaposition between light and shadow and the interplay between the two; each piece is one-of-a-kind and will never be duplicated, as with all of Nicole's artworks.  

Nicole continues to build on the reputation she has gained for creating exclusive, bold and impactful art; she hopes to make her family proud and exceed the expectations of her clients as she continues on her journey to develop her skills and establish herself as a unique and interesting Contemporary Artist.

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