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A love for layers as well as the combination of different materials and techniques has always been deeply rooted in Nicole Schröder’s artwork. Her current work is predominantly abstract, employing the principles of repurposing, reusing and upcycling, which she picked up from the cradle and have influenced her art from the beginning.
Nicole Schröder lives and works in Germany. In her early twenties she studied Art, English and Religious Education to become a secondary school teacher. Creating art acts as a perfect counterbalance to her teaching job and gives her deep satisfaction.
She has collected scraps of paper for as long as she can remember and started making collages in her teenage years. Temporarily abandoning collage making, she pursued other creative paths such as painting, drawing and photography for a while. When she now sets to work, her approach is
intuitive and she uses whatever sparks her interest or serves her artistic purpose on whatever surface is at hand. Found objects and materials often become the starting point for new pieces or trigger a whole series of works. She is drawn to everyday materials that are not usually used for creating art such as tea, coffee, juices or natural dyes and is always on the lookout for novel ways
of making marks or creating her own collage materials.

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