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Whitby based artist, Nicole Shepherd has been honing her skills in abstract art since 2007. She took her first art class at only 13 years old and discovered painting was her passion. She graduated from Fanshawe College (London, ON.) with a diploma in Graphic Design, which she blended together with her love of painting, invoking a perfect combination of playfulness, boldness, and creativity. 

Nicole’s process always starts with an intention; a feeling or story that she wants to express in movements and colour. She moves between bold, bright, and energetic colours to softer, more mellow tones. Nicole feels as though her artwork has no set theme as she wants people to look at her artwork and feel freedom, happiness, and to bring a sense of energy into their spaces. Her style is constantly evolving as she is always experimenting and looking for new ways of creating, but you can always point out her signature collections of vivid, lively acrylics on canvas. 

"I am interested in what paint can do, making marks that expressively respond to my thoughts and actions”

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