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I am an economist and an autodidact painter. I started painting 12 years ago while I was looking for a medium to escape. Since then I am exploring myself through painting, my emotions, my inner. I feel like a baby learning a new world by seeing my progression over the years.

I have noticed that in more depressing periods the output is colorful and more monochromatic in happy periods.

My main medium is acrylic as I find it easy, funny, and contemporary. I have a few oil paintings as well but prefer acrylic for sure. As I mentioned in my Bio, the main motivation to paint is to discover, I am curious. There are big period, not painting and short of doing it by being very productive in a short time. I never spend more than 2 hours to accomplish a piece of art, there is a moment that I feel that something is moving inside me and being very conscious going ahead and present all my conscious there, is a way to train myself to be present by smelling the color, feeling the movements, and seeing the results.

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