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My name is Nina Hawkshaw, and painting is my passion!

I originally qualified into a science/chemistry profession as my primary degree was in Analytical Science, and from there into software engineering through additional post-graduate qualifications.

Over the years I have taken on many evening art classes, and in 2017 I started a university-level part-time evening art course at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland (NCAD). I completed this course in 2020. I chose mostly painting modules in a Visual Arts Practice (VAP) certificate course.

I like to think that I paint in order to balance the left and right sides in my brain (!); i.e. based on the theory that the left side of the brain for more analytical/methodical pursuits such as I use during my working day,  and using the right-hand side for a more creative and artistic side which I like to do when I get the free time.

My inspiration is mostly what I see around me in nature every day, and I am constantly photographing for future painting projects.
I also look to many other artists and I think my strongest sources of inspiration come from the Impressionistic and Post Impressionistic era and artists such as Cezanne, Pissarro, and Van Gogh.

I love to see colour, light, and movement depicted in paintings. I love to experiment with different mediums to use with my Acrylic paints; and as you can see in some of the seascapes in my portfolio, I also integrated some of these natural elements within the painting itself. I have used sand, sea salt, and grit from the earth. This is something I would like to explore more.

I am still learning every day.


I have exhibited both within the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) as part of the annual end of term exhibitions (2016, 2017) and additionally in the Peoples Art Exhibition on Stephens Green in Dublin (2018).

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